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The Windsor Buddhist Vihara (Temple) has become a center for all communities in the region who seek mental relaxation and inner peace of the mind, with the guidance of the teachings of the Lord Buddha . Theravada 
Buddhism is the basis of all teachings and practices at this  temple.

The consumer based economy creates greater competition which, in turn, leads to STRESS, FRUSTRATION AND DEPRESSION in our day-to-day living. True happiness independent of elements, gives meaning to our lives. It is a voyage of self-discovery.Self  understanding is the core of the teachings of Buddhism. The Windsor   Buddhist Vihara offers various programs on the education / training of relaxation and release from stress. There by avoiding depression, if one is prone to such a condition.

The Windsor Buddhist Vihara invites you as visitors & devotees to

  • Get help to manage STRESS, FRUSTRATION AND in your personal lives
  • Seek a SCIENTIFIC approach and understanding of life & its problems
  • Develop Discoverin your day-to-day living and much more

The resident monk would welcome you and will guide in overcoming your anxieties and uncertainties through the
 It guides and directs one in developing moral culture in a person, to analyze your thoughts and to understand it’s processes with concentration and serenity. The teachings are very logical and realistic, much more advanced than modern science.

You can follow these three easy steps concurrently, to obtain the real benefit of the teachings of the Buddha.

  • Study the principles of the Buddha's teachings
  • Understand and apply principles to self;
  • Get used to, mindfully, practicing those principles in your day- to- day life, on a regular basis.

    • The Gift of Dhamma excels all gifts
    • The taste of Dhamma excels all tastes
    • Delight in Dhamma excels all delights
    • Craving-Freed vanquishes all suffering
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